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Insight Adopts ENVISIA®


Insight Adopts ENVISIA®

Insight is delighted and excited to take on a new product from Boral. We see this product being the way forward when it comes to sustainability and innovative. This article looks at an extraordinary product ENVISIA®

ENVISIA® is a lower carbon concrete with excellent performance benefits and plastic placement and finishing properties similar to conventional concretes.


ENVISIA® is suited to applications where early strength performance of concrete is paramount, for example, suspended commercial slabs or high rise construction.

Features & Benefits

Sustainability Advantage -The lower carbon composition of ENVISIA® is achieved using Boral’s proprietary ZEP® technology. ENVISIA® achieves a Portland cement reduction of up to 65% using the Green Star MAT-4 method^ without the traditional trade-offs in concrete performance.

Low-Shrink Advantage – Due to inherent properties in the ZEP® technology, ENVISIA® out-performs conventional1 concretes in shrinkage and creep – providing up to 50% reduction in shrinkage compared to conventional1 concrete of similar characteristic strength and modulus of elasticity.

Early Strength – ENVISIA® performance as a lower carbon concrete is achieved without compromising concrete strength or stressing cycle times (compared to equivalent conventional1concrete).

High Durability – ENVISIA® provides lower chloride diffusion, water absorption and permeability, compared to an equivalent grade of conventional1 concrete.

Consistent Behaviour – ENVISIA® demonstrates plastic, placement and finishing properties that are consistent with conventional1 concrete.

AS1379 Compliant – Our new concrete range is compliant with Australian Standard AS 1379 from cement that complies with Australian Standard AS 3972.

Using ENVISIA® can help achieve maximum points from the revised Green Star ‘Concrete’ credit – MAT-4. Please note that individual products are not reviewed or certified under the system. Green Star rating Green Star credit requirements cover the performance of materials in aggregate, not the performance of individual products or brands.

ENVISIA® was designed from the outset to reduce the carbon emissions associated with concrete production. Cement manufacture is a key carbon-emitting step in concrete production, so less cement can mean lower levels of embedded carbon in concrete. For many years industrial by-products, such as fly ash from coal-fired power stations and slag from iron production, had been added to reduce the amount of cement used in concrete. But they can also affect performance and slow down the rate at which concrete strengthens.

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