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Insight Introduces Trudek


Insight Introduces Trudek

As Insight moves into commercial construction, it realises the importance of intuitive and building technology such as Trudek Steel Decking Solutions.

Meeting project timelines and sticking to budget are two key focuses of Insights projects. With that in mind Insight have built and established key partnerships to help commercial builds.

TRUEDEK® Saves Time and Money

  • TRUEDEK® steel decking systems do not require propping or back propping – with the exception of unsupported edges, reducing the labour required for installation.
    Greatly reduced slab construction cycle time.
  • Reduced cutting requirements, material scrap and wastage, as TRUEDEK® is manufactured to required site lengths.
  • Pre-cambered panels remove dead load sag, preventing concrete ponding and create a truly flat soffit to allow for more accurate estimation of concrete volume and speedier, simpler fitouts.
  • Fitting out can commence the day after pour, reducing onsite labour requirements and minimising construction cycle time.

A Safer Working Environment

Worksites can be hazardous, but TRUEDEK® helps create a safer working environment. The steel decking is designed for working loads, while the reduced labour and installation requirements compared to conventional formwork decreases both the total number of workers onsite and the need for extensive propping.

High Quality Steel Construction

The versatility and wide-ranging functions of this unique formwork system are a result of using a variety of steel grades, thicknesses and coatings for the base, web and top plate of a standard panel, and an advanced design that lets TRUEDEK® truss panels be supplied in voided, partially voided or solid configurations.

When produced without web holes for a voided configuration, the concrete volume and slab weight can be significantly reduced, while partially voided and solid configurations can deliver as-needed benefits across weight, strength and other criteria. Also, shear studs can be installed during the fabrication of the structural steel to reduce site costs and installation time.

Overall, TRUEDEK® delivers outstanding versatility and wide-ranging benefits without compromising strength or quality.

Insight endorses and promotes smart and high tech products and will continue to do so in order to achieve the best results.

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